Frequently Asked Questions


When are Fit 2 Fight Classes?  Fit 2 Fight Classes run 3 days per week - Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday.  Each 'Round' of F2F is 12 weeks long (36 classes).  There is generally a 2-3 week break at the end of each session - then the next 'Round' begins.

Where is your location? Grand Master Philip Ameris' Cho's Taekwondo Center - 619 Carl Ave. New Kensington, PA. 15068

How long are classes?  1 hour.

Are there any age restrictions? Fit 2 Fight students must be a minimum of 18 years old.  Other than that, no.  We have had students up to age 65 at F2F.  Each workout can be scaled to meet any participant's needs. 

We do ask that all pertinent medical conditions are brought to the attention of the instructor at the start of each session in order to best accommodate those concerns.

What do I need to bring?  We suggest that students wear something comfortable to work out in - fitness pants or shorts and a T-shirt will work just fine.  We also encourage students to bring a towel to keep sanitary during and after class.

Each Fit 2 Fight Student is required to purchase their own pair of Boxing Gloves.  We also encourage hand wraps for optimum protection. Although some of F2F participants opt for using MMA style gloves, we do not recommend them for beginners or any business professional who works primarily with their hands.

All of these items can be purchased through our front office.

How much does it cost?  All rates can be found here.

Can I pay on a per class basis?  Simply put, no.  A major part of the F2F program is committing to a 12 week "training camp".  We have found that students are more likely to stick with something that they have already paid for.

How do I sign up?  Due to the popularity of our program, we now offering an Early Enrollment Period during the last week of each session.  Any student that opts for Early Enrollment will receive a 10% discount while guaranteeing their spot for the upcoming session. All registration, sign ups, and payments will be on a first come first serve basis and must be made HERE . Any payment made after the Early Enrollment Period is full price ($200).   

If you are interested in joining Fit 2 Fight mid-session, you must first contact the Dojang to see if there are any spots available.  If an open spot remains, and you have never participated in Fit 2 Fight before, you must set up a free introductory lesson before joining the group class.