Most people want to make some sort of physical change - whether that be lose some weight, gain muscle, return to "athletic glory", or simply stuck in a rut.  The tricky part is figuring out where to start.

That's where Fit 2 Fight comes in.  Fit 2 Fight (F2F) is an exercise program.  It is not typical.  It is not radical.  F2F participants train like fighters.  There are no wasted motions or time.  F2F students are always moving.  Classes are fast paced and include lifting, punching, kicking, running, jumping, mobility, and stretching.



The foundation of our program primary source of cardiovascular training at F2F, students routinely learn and perform Authentic Kickboxing TrainingJumping Rope, Shadow Boxing, along with Punching & Kicking Mitts, Shields, and Heavy Bags not only burn calories but relieve loads of stress .

F2F is not cardio kickboxing - F2F is real kickboxing. Over time, F2F students will develop legitimate skill and technique on the way to getting in the best shape of their life!



The Kettlebell has gone from the underground to the mainstream.  No matter how it is tagged, Kettlebells are used often during the F2F as the primary source for building strength, mobility, efficiency, and coordination throughout a participant's entire body.

Movements such as Swings, Cleans, High PullsRenegade Rows, and the Turkish Get Up address all areas of the body - providing balance, proportion, and of course, strength.


The tried and true and often overlooked  - bodyweight calisthenics have been and will be around forever. 

Push Ups, Pull Ups, and Squats -along with some progressive variations help to make up the "body sculpting" segment of F2F's 12 week program.

Generally performed in sets and reps, during timed intervals, or at varying speeds - calisthenics are a proven way to build a natural and an admirable physique.